Industrialization and colonialism have exerted an overbearing effect on entire societies which have robbed them of their traditional lifeways, skills, and knowledge and replaced them with a new form of dependency and modernized poverty. Lacking their original identities they have been stripped of their humanity and turned into mechanical gears in a machine that is only destined for a miserable failure.

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He wrote that [e]lite professional groups … have come to exert a radical monopoly’ on such basic human activities as health, agriculture, home-building, and learning, leading to a war on subsistence’ that robs peasant societies of their vital skills and know-how. The result of much economic development is very often not human flourishing but modernized poverty’, dependency, and an out-of-control system in which the humans become worn-down mechanical parts.”[13] Illich proposed that we should invert the present deep structure of tools” in order to give people tools that guarantee their right to work with independent efficiency.”[34]1


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March 16, 2021