I’ve come across about 20 reference for Ivan Illitch over the past month. Not sure what is driving it. Some mentions are coming out of educator circles, others from programmers, some from what I might describe as knowledge workers” (digital gardeners/Roam Cult/Obsidian crowds). One tangential one was from someone in the hyperlink.academy crowd.

Here’s a recent one from today that popped up within a thread shared in IndieWeb chat:

[[Deschooling Society]] and [[Tools for Conviviality]] look very interesting. Perhaps they’ve distilled enough that their ideas are having a resurgence?

Just checked and the LAPL has several of his books in digital format with multiple copies. Only one is currently available. A quick Twitter search indicates several dozens of tweets with his name in the last 24 hours… hmmm.

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March 16, 2021