This makes me wonder if one could use and search emoji in the tags in What could we do with this?


  • 📖 for read
  • 🔖 for bookmark
  • 🎧 for listened (when annotating podcasts)
  • 🎞️ or 📺 for watched
  • 👍 for like
  • 💬 for a reply as starters….


My markings grew more elaborate — I made stars, circles, checks, brackets, parentheses, boxes, dots and lines (straight, curved and jagged). I noted intra- and extratextual references; I measured cadences with stress marks

Your annotation skills can definitely progress in many ways, even if that means getting messier in order to mark more intentionally and purposefully. —nchassagne Sep 25, 2018

I’ve progressed into using url links, images, gifs, emojis and so on. —choppa1890 Dec 18, 2020 1


links: tagmoji emoji taxonomies

  • broader terms (BT):
  • narrower terms (NT):
  • related terms (RT):
  • used for (UF) or aliases:

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June 9, 2021