Recall that he wrote this just before the Amazon Kindle had annotation ability and was in more competition (then) for e-books with Apple’s platform and others on the horizon. He cites John Dickerson in particular and further below he cites James Bridle, who spent some time building the now-defunct Open Bookmarking idea in two different incarnations with a community around that. I suspect that if one delves into the blogosphere or Twitter around the time of this article, there would be much more to be seen/had. Sadly there was a lot of positivity and seeming competition in the space then and not much has come out of it other than, which is primarily a web tool. The dreamed of UI for e-readers just doesn’t exist somehow…


recent wave of public teeth-gnashing about the future of marginal notes.

Citation? Jeremy Dean Jan 2, 2016 1



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June 9, 2021