Description of how a technology the clock changed the human landscape.

Similar to the way humans might practice terraforming on their natural environment, what should we call the effect our natural environment has on us?

What should we call the effect our technological environment has on us? technoforming?

Evolution certainly indicates that there’s likely both short and long-term effects.

Who else has done research into this?

open questions: Do we have evidence of massive changes with the advent of writing, reading, printing, telegraph, television, social media, or other technologies available?

Any relation to the nature vs. nurture debate?


The mechanical clock, which came into common use in the 14th century, provides a compelling example. In Technics and Civilization, the historian and cultural critic Lewis Mumford described how the clock disassociated time from human events and helped create the belief in an independent world of mathematically measurable sequences.” The abstract framework of divided time” became the point of reference for both action and thought.” 1


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June 8, 2021