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I’m reminded of the article I read yesterday about slow art day. This article is an example of someone who spent some serious time doing slow music by repeatedly listening to and thinking about a single piece over time.

A related idea, but slow in a different time sense is Dolly Parton’s Jolene being listened to physically slowed down in time (as opposed to being slowly absorbed over a longer length of time).

What other media might be consumed this way? Could one watch Fletch, for example, at half speed?

What might that reveal? What would one see? I’ve obviously watched several dozen movies dozens or even hundreds of times over the span of my life. Shawshank Redemption is one that has aged relatively well and always reveals something new on subsequent watches. What if we watched that at half speed? Think about re-consumption of media over time as well as the speed of consumption for reading, listening, watching, and maybe even tasting.

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[[Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car’ is a beautiful ballad. This 33-minute cover version takes it to a whole new place]] | syndication link


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May 2, 2021